Othai Thai Massage


In Thailand the feet are understood as an organ and not as an extremity. Many nerves end here, their stimulation leads to well-being and relaxation. The most common massage in Thailand is the foot massage.

Thai Gesichtsmassage
Othai Thai Massage

Facial Massage

With a facial massage you can relax completely. The facial massage stimulates the nerves of the head and the face in a way that means strong relaxation. After the massage, you feel rested and refreshed, as if after a long restful sleep. Especially overbusy and stressed people use this massage to get the head free again and to increase concentration.

Othai Thai Massage

Full Body Massage

This is probably the most common massage here in Germany. The primary goal is to release tension throughout the body. Typical tensions in the neck, neck and back are treated with this massage. Other tense areas in the body often do not hurt (e.g. calves), but can cause extreme discomfort. After a good full body massage you feel more mobile and everything is easier.

Thai Massage Düsseldorf
Othai Thai Massage

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